A decentralized
social platform

EOS based social network with a
dapps integration plugin
  • No Tokens
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Create Content And Get Tips

What is

Sparkeos is a decentralized social media platform developed on the EOS blockchain and IPFS. It focuses on the value of recognition and offers a new social experience for users

Unlike traditional platforms, we aim to give back users ownership of the data, and allow easy rewarding of creators who generate quality content, as curated and determined by the community

Freedom of tips

Money as a form of speech. Own the content you create and get rewarded for it by other users

Free access to data

Content is stored on the EOS
blockchain and IPFS and is accessible
to everyone

Scalable platform

Providing a plugin to allow any dapp to have a decantralized commenting and social-network integration

Our Vision

Making Sparkeos A social breeding ground for other decentralized apps

Providing dapps with a decentralized social network plugin will allow them to easily build an engaged community. In doing so Sparkeos will both support the blockchain ecosystem growth and benefit from it